Mark Reid Signature Brushes

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€ 7,85 (inclusief btw)

These brushes were created to the exact specifications of world famous face and body artist and instructor Mark Reid. The bristles are a beautiful two- tone nylon, incased in a sturdy brass ferrule which is coated black for an attractive appearance and function. The custom-shaped wooden handles are urethane coated for durability and designed for the professional artist. An important feature is the precisely angled end on each handle which is designed to help gently move any unwanted strands of hair or accessory off of the “canvas” without smudging the art work by touching the model with fingers.

#2, long bristles (additional cost -0.45 euro)#2 round#4 round (additional cost 1.00 euro)#6 round (addtional cost 2.10 euro)
Chisel Brush (additional cost 4.15 euro)Fan Brush (additional cost 4.15 euro)Body Brush (additional cost 15.55 euro) 


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