LaDot Skinpolish

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€ 5,95 (including VAT)

This product is specifically developed for the skin en will stay put for 3-5 days.

Clean the skin with a little bit of alcohol, it will make the tattoo last longer.

This ink can be used freehand or with a brush. Or, if you prefer to use it with a glittertattoo stencil, it is best to use a latex sponge. Apply a little ink to your sponge and dab onto the skin. To give your fake tattoo an even better effect; apply different colours and blend them with the sponge. 

Make sure you close the pots immediately after use, as the alcohol will evaporate.  Wipe the skin with some alcohol to remove the tattoo.

The plain colours will last longest on the skin. Please be aware that UV and metallic colours have larger pigments, so will also disappear a little easier.

  • Black,, Red and White are available in larger bottles (9.50) 
  • UV and Metallic colours in smaller bottles (6.95) We also have special LaDot UV Flashlights. (9.95)
  • All other colours also come in smaller bottles (5.95)
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